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Tony Campolo on the party of God...

Some of us might wonder if the commitment of the Republican Party to the poor was all that a sensitivity to Bible teachings would require. And then there’s the matter of tax policies that give huge breaks to the rich at the expense of such social programs as eliminating 50,000 after-school tutoring opportunities for poor inner city kids. I wondered how he would correlate Biblical Christianity with a federal budget that appropriated less than two tenths of one percent of our GNP to help the poor of the world, in spite of the fact that we consume 43% of the world’s resources, putting us dead last among the world’s twenty-two industrialized nations. Jesus did say that nations will be judged by how they responded to the needs of the poor. Since the Bible requires us to be caretakers of the earth. I wondered how this Godly admonition would be harmonized with this administration’s deregulations that now allow auto makers to increasingly pollute the atmosphere and its refusal to put the screws on industries that violate laws for regulating industrial waste. Did this pastor give consideration to what the Bible says about forgiving debts of oppressed people, especially in regards to how Bush changed the bankruptcy laws in a way that favors rich corporations and banks but makes it very hard for the poor to escape economic disaster? Most importantly, I wondered how this Baptist preacher could be so sure that the Iraqi war was the will of God.

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