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The Republicans had their turn. They controlled the congress for 12 years and accomplished nothing except cutting taxes for the wealthy, further enriching them, and further empowering the military industrial complex. The wealthy and the huge government contractors have literally sucked the blood out of the middle class in America. They are predators….there is no other way to put it….predators constantly seeking new ways to squeeze another dime out of the U.S. Treasury while the masses are trying to find new ways to just put groceries on the table and clothe their kids. The great middle-class, the working men and women of this nation, have been on a downward spiral for nearly two decades now and their gradual economic decline is a virtual certainty. And so it goes.

It was a good run for the middle class. They rose to prominence during the middle forties, got stronger in the 50’s, and during the 60’s and 70’s they enjoyed a level prosperity the working class had never known in the history of man. But, alas, along came a man named Ronald Reagan who had a completely different view of how things ought to be for those who were not fortunate enough to be among the wealthy. And, thus began the great transfer of wealth in the United States. At first it was subtle but, inevitably, once the ball started rolling there was no stopping it. Once the big business interests found that they could run roughshod over the American public with the blessings of those who controlled our government, their voracious appetite for the dollar had no limits. They now own our government and nearly everyone in it. They have created a system where wealth is the only thing that will get you any representation by our government. The people have no say in what our government does. And so it goes.

We find ourselves in a war the people do not want. We’ve made that perfectly clear and yet, our elected officials are doing nothing about it. This is no longer a representative government. The government does not represent the people. But instead, they do the bidding of a handful of big business interests who have unlimited money available to fund the elections and re-elections of our Representatives and Senators. The more influence they can buy, the more profit they can make and that leads to more money available to buy even more influence. And so it goes.

Do any of you think you have any representation anymore? Want to find out just how much your Representative or Senator cares about what you think? Try getting an appointment to see one of them. Recently, I sat in the outer offices of several United States Senators and watched as a constant stream of special interest lobbyists paraded in and out of those offices. Many were on a first name basis with the office staffers. But, the other part of the story is that there were also constituents going into the offices and being told that they couldn‘t possibly see the senator. “He‘s very busy“ “His schedule is full“. “Maybe in a few weeks“. And so it goes.

I‘m sure many, if not most of you thought things might change after the last election. I did too, but I was wrong. Things have not changed. The Democrats have been either unable or unwilling to show some political courage concerning the number one issue on the minds of the American public…the Bush War in Iraq. Meanwhile our young men and women are dying by the thousands in Iraq, living in horribly substandard conditions when they come home wounded while the war profiteers such as Halliburton, KBR, Bechtel and others continue to rob the United States Treasury. With the election of a Democratic majority in the House and Senate nothing has changed. And so it goes.

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